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I love the game! The artstyle is incredible, the voice actors are amazing and the story is so intriuging I can't help but play this game multiple times. My only problem is that the game can be rather repetitive when i'm going through trying to understand more of the story. 
It would be nice if the game was either a little shorter or if there were little mini games to make it feel like the player is more involved, but, other than that I could definitely play this game over and over again. This game is still outstanding especially with how you mentioned it was your first visual novel for NaNoRenO. S2

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Ahhhhhh thank you so, so much! That means the world to me!

The repetitive thing is very much an issue and I'll take the mini-game suggestion into account :) I wasn't expecting people to play it-- let alone more than once so I'll do my best to fix it up when I can! The length is sadly as short as the game could be to avoid too much overlap (I had to do the math when making the game),  so I'll brainstorm when I come back to do Iris's route and see if I can fix it up!

Thank you so, so much! It was my first time making a real VN and first time grappling with / touching Python so I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed it! I really hope to fix it up soon! Thank you so much for the suggestions :)