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I stumbled over a large fire in one of the rooms - as if somebody was trying to burn down the library. I tried to put it out by pressing several keys and even by standing in the flames. Of no avail. 

The flames are visible from other rooms, too. 

Judging by the charred appearance of the librarians, I also speculated whether this was the birth, the death or even the initiation of these. 

Could it be, that this is the infamous and fiery "easter egg"?  Making the Library of Babel share the fate of the Library of Alexandria? 


You found it!

"Others, going about it in the opposite way, thought the first thing to do was eliminate all worthless books. They would invade the hexagons, show credentials that were not always false, leaf disgustedly through a volume and condemn entire walls of books. It is to their hygienic, ascetic rage that we lay the senseless loss of millions of volumes. Their name is execrated today, but those who grieve over the "treasures" destroyed in that frenzy overlook two widely acknowledged facts: One, that the Library is so huge that any reduction by human hands must be infinitesimal. And two, that each book is unique and irreplaceable, but (since the Library is total) there are always several hundred thousand imperfect facsimiles - books that differ by no more than a single letter, or a comma. "