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I was pleasantly surprised by everything here - the number of images, the fact that there were the little animations in the combat, the progress from outside rubbing to internal penetration, the 3D Wolfenstein-esque HUD that I wasn't even aware that RPGMaker could do.  Great job.

I would like to have been given an explanation of what impact 'dripping wet' and 'creampied' had on combat, but that's a minor criticism on what was overall a rather impressive jam entry!

Thanks, though I'm sorry about having had to leave things like those unexplained (basically dripping wet changes the rub animation to a penetration animation, and creampie makes that do more damage)

I would have liked to get it more polished, but I already rode the time limit to its... limit, to get it at least done.

I'll see if I can set up a more polished demo thing with a possible overhaul of the combat system in time for the _other_ lewdjam.