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Hello, great game!

Only suggestion that I can give is too let the ball choose between defense and attack, is kind complicated whem you need to protect the other person but they cannot change with precision between stances.

Hi there Slitcher!

Thank you for playing :) 

I see, some people love the fact that changing modes triggers a small talk and needs coordination. Some people hate it. haha. From a design point of view I can say that we are trying to experiment with cooperative mechanics, and that one aims in the right direction. But we are experimenting and feedback like yours is useful so we can decide later on if we will keep it or not. Thank you a lot!


I felt the frustration by controling the ball in the last stage, where I can't go in front of the guy nor shoot without his "permission".

The guy has almost all the actions of the game.  He can Jump, Attack, Dodge, Choose the Stance for the other player, grab the power ups. 
The other player only can build platforms and shields by itself, 

Think carefuly, can be a great game with a lot of iteractions on the players and give a lot of rooms to level design, the last stage was amazing! Left me with a taste of "I want more...".

Thanks for the reply :)