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Hey! I'm glad you liked it! :3

Hopefully in a year the game will be out. Let's cross fingers :) 

Hi there! I just saw the comment and the video! I loved it, It is the first 'let's play' played by 2 players!

You and Icarus are really fun indeed. I would love to give you a key when the game releases (hopefully in a year if everything goes well). 

The sound issue is there because this build was made to show the game in an event where we weren't able to use sounds. And I uploaded it that way. It's our fault, not yours. 

Bests and thank you again!!!


Thank you man! Did you give it a try?

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Hey! how are you? I didn't understand you, lol

Thank you! :)

Hi there Slitcher!

Thank you for playing :) 

I see, some people love the fact that changing modes triggers a small talk and needs coordination. Some people hate it. haha. From a design point of view I can say that we are trying to experiment with cooperative mechanics, and that one aims in the right direction. But we are experimenting and feedback like yours is useful so we can decide later on if we will keep it or not. Thank you a lot!

Hi there! Thank you for playing it, right now we are polishing the game basic mechanics, next steps are adding content and making an online mode (via steam I think). :)

Thank you! 

Did you play it alone or with a friend?

Hi there! The file is actually a .rar file with an .exe inside of it. I just downloaded it in ordr to see if anything is wrong, but it semms everything's working just fine for me :/