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Hey Jesse,

Im trying to open the ".ase" files on the latest version of Adobe programs, and i get the error - "could not complete your request because the file is not compatible with this version of Photoshop"

Could you be kind enough to update the files or change them to ".svg" files?

Im making a college project and your assets will be a great shortcut for me!

Thanks a lot!


The software I use to create assets is Aseprite. Unfortunately  it can't save files as .svg, but I've updated the .ase files . I hope it works and wish you the best luck with your college project :)

Jess you are the man!

Thanks a lot, for your quick response - its not obvious!

But, I still can't edit the ASE files.... I want to add the "Jungle Tileset" file, but i cant access it on any program...

maybe you have the tiles as a vector image of some sort? or maybe you can recommend a program that will let me edit your files?

Really appreciate everything you do and your amazing work!