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Jesse Munguia

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Thanks for letting me know, I've updated the file. :)

I played your game and I really like how responsive the attacks feel! Great job.
No problem, I'm glad you found the sprites useful. :)

No problem, I'm glad you found it useful.

Yes, go ahead! Feel free to use this asset pack on your game! :)

Thanks! Go ahead, I don't mind it at all. Happy to know my art is help kids learn game development.

Yes, there is no problem, go ahead! :)

No problem, glad you like them!

Thank you!

Thanks, no worries you can download it for free ;)

Hello, the tiles are 16x16 pixels. 

Thank you! Sure, there is no problem. You can use the tiles and the skeleton sprites for a commercial project.

Sure, there is no problem! 

Sure, there is no problem!

Thank you. Yes, each tile is 16x16 pixels.

No problem, hope you like the asset pack :)

It is free, the website just asks if you want to contribute the  developer with a donation. To download the asset pack just click on "Download Now" and then click on " No thanks, just take me to the downloads".

Hey! Sure, feel free use the assets and character on your game. Here is the link: thank very much for crediting me :D

Hi! Nice game, keep making more :D
I appreciate it a lot, but you can keep the money,  the assets are totally free. If you want to support me you can consider a donation <3
Thank you jhilven, keep making small cool games. I'll let you know ;)

Hello sosnoob! Thank you very much. Yes, feel free to use my work for your tutorials on your blog.
I apologize for the late response, hope your blog does really well and helps a lot of people :) 


The software I use to create assets is Aseprite. Unfortunately  it can't save files as .svg, but I've updated the .ase files . I hope it works and wish you the best luck with your college project :)

Thanks, glad you like it! Nice game! :D

Hello Arul, thanks! Im really glad to help! Do you have twitter, so that way I can DM you about it, because Im not really clear of what you mean by the texture :)

Thank you! ^-^

No hay de que, muchas gracias, espero que te sea útil! ^^

Thanks, glad you like it!

Your welcome, glad you like it, hope you enjoy it! :P

Hello, you can can follow me on twitter (@Jsf23Art) and send me a DM, so we can talk about it ;)

Thank you really appreciate it!

Thanks I'll do my best to keep them coming! :P

Thank you! <3 Glad you like it, I'm definitely going to make more sprite/asset packs but probably a different character or enemy, I want to have variety, but maybe in the future I can do more Skeletons. For now I hope you enjoy the skeleton sprite pack! :P

Thanks guys! <3