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Great game :)

The mechanics aren't very clear at first but you get the sense of it after some plays. In particular, I like how the dash is not always available, it makes you think about when you really need it. Still not quite sure what happens when I strike another glove.

For now I still get beaten by the bots - but they don't seem unbeatable. I will try multiplayer if I can.

I can see where improvements can be made, but it is already great work. Also I really like the Dreamcast flair.

The only annoying bugs for me (in this tested version) are the lack of full 360 gamepad support (works without any problem in game but no support in menu) and the random blank screen (seems to occur after ~10 plays).

Keep up the great work, cheers ; ) 

Happy hear that you're enjoying our game. The mechanics takes some time to get use to, and that's the point! :)

You mention improvments, mind telling us what more specifically? :)


Oh I was mainly referring to the aforementioned "bugs" :)  I don't see many improvements in the game itself, as it feels already polished. Maybe sometimes it can be hard to read the action, like when you hit a robot really close, and then it's not obvious who died, but I guess it's part of the fun ;)

Alright :)