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It wasn't really that hard. It's like an easier version of I Wanna Be The Guy with a very Super Meat Boy-ish style (I have to imagine you took some inspiration from SMB). And to anybody who thinks IWBTG and this game are hard, you're mistaking tedium for difficulty. No, this game is not hard. You wanna see hard? Play I Wanna Be The Boshy. That game is ridiculous. That game will crush your soul and make you weirdly good at tight platforming. But mostly just crush your soul.

Anyways, if you pay attention to the level design, there is a puzzle in every room (or in this case, multiple puzzles), in the format [tedious part->tricky part]. Your job is to figure out how to get through the tricky part. The tedious part just takes extra time (and sometime just consists purely of waiting), adds to frustration and whittles down your patience, unless you can stay calm and laugh off deaths. There are some hilarious ways to die. 

The point is, you have to UNDERSTAND what to do to get through it. If you are just mindlessly trying to force your way through, you will be stuck for a long time. You need to form a strategy. You have to die a few times to learn what does and doesn't work. You also have to be willing to throw away chances at the tricky parts trying different things, like running off a ledge without jumping. Also, using a gamepad/wasd makes it a lot easier. If you're playing a platform hell genre game with the arrow keys, you are doing it wrong. Horribly wrong.

Also, unlike a typical platform hell, I didn't see any noob traps. Noob traps come after some of the tricky parts, and usually involve something like a random spike coming out of nowhere specifically to catch you off-guard, kill you, and make you do the whole thing over again. This game was completely fair.

Overall, the controls were very intuitive and I had a blast with this game. I beat it in about, let's see, 47 minutes with 332 deaths. But don't take my word for it. See the stats for yourself.

Props to you, EvilObjective. You did a great job. I'd give this game a solid 8/10.


Hi Braden thanks for the review. Not sure if you realized it but reaching the top of the tower is only the first half - there is the whole tower to climb back down in order to beat the game!

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Yes, I beat the game, or "failed", as it was called. Up and down the tower. Got the "congratulations" screen and everything. I made the review after having created an account and logged in. The screenshot was taken during that time by looking at the stats from the main menu. If you're basing your assumption that I only went halfway on that screenshot, then there's probably a bug in your game.