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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your feedback! My parameters were indeed too small, my mistake. I’m new to CNC and getting a good understanding of all settings is part of the learning process, I guess. I’ve been experimenting yesterday, and once I started to get a feeling for the reasonable range of each parameter, the software didn’t crash anymore.

It would have been helpful though if PixelCNC would show a warning when you try to create a path that is of unreasonable length, rather than crashing (even though it might be a graphics driver error in the first place). Especially when you’re still working with the trial version and can’t save your project, it is quite frustrating having to start over and over again …

The crashes made me even hesitate whether PixelCNC would be mature enough to spend my money on, but in the end your swift support and help convinced me :-) I’ve bough the full version yesterday, so I hope to start carving some nice projects in the coming weeks … 

Thanks for you help, keep up the good work!


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Glad to hear it, and thanks for the sale :)

I figure that the best I can do as an independent developer is provide top-notch support for users, especially while I'm still working on producing learning materials - tutorials and walkthroughs that explain everything. I'm just about to release the v1.48a update, which incorporates some fixes, including the one for the INVALID OPERATION error you were seeing in the log file. PixelCNC should let you know that an update is available the next time you launch it after I've pushed the updates to the web.

I'll be sending out a customer-wide email about tutorial videos that are released as I put them up, so keep an eye out for those.

In the meantime feel free to post any questions, even if they're only CNC related and not PixelCNC-specific, or provide any feedback you may have on the software, however big or small. A number of PixelCNC's features are the direct result of user suggestions.

Share your projects here on the forum for others to see! I just did one the other day that I should post, a V-carving on an ebony-stained board with gold-painted cuts. It came out really nice.


EDIT: I did fix the crash that occurs if a user creates an operation that produces too many cutpaths, right now it just outputs to the logfile that the toolpath is being overflowed with cuts. It's a bit of a placeholder that will prevent PixelCNC from crashing for now. I will add in a prompt soon that warns users that their parameters are creating excessive numbers of cuts for v1.49a.