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The Linux build appears to have a few problems. I think the binary name needs to match the "_Data" dir, and the bundled library files appear to be for Windows (.dll) as opposed to Linux (.so).

I'm certainly available for testing/advice if you would like any :D I don't have much Unity experience, but I do have plenty of Linux experience (and Google ;D).


Thanks for the help tincman! We'll get to fixing that build asap!

Hello again tincman! So, I've made another build via Unity and would like to ask if you're willing to test it, I unfortunately do not have a linux machine to test it on and would like your feedback if you could! It should be uploaded on our page now! And thanks for your help :)


Excellent, this one worked really well! Thanks :D

This was a lot of fun and really cute! Great job :D


On behalf of the team I thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, and thanks for the helpful feedback earlier! :)


Thank you for playing our game! We're happy you liked the art style ^^