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The direction of this part kinda surprises me, I thought it will be an adventure filled story but turns out it's a story about family talk near the fireplace which is lovely and warming at the same time.

With the beer and fire, they let their heart dance and their mouth free. Letting go of the worry inside their heart, for their family is there.

There's something seems missing so I'm going to try to get the other ending.

Yep, you've got one more "ending". Try letting vale light the fire. As for the other choices, you'll need to figure those out!


The Final Part aka part 2.5!

I'm exploring the other options available in the game, though the Ending wasn't so different, the story surely is. I was also didn't expect such richness in Amarella character when I'm exploring that route. Though in the end, we never talk about what is those worm like creatures.