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I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the graphics and mechanics of your game and it was well worth tying up my internet connection for half an hour to download!

I am planning to write a review of it soon, and was wondering if you had considered adding a save feature to the game, or if I somehow missed it. I had to play through several times from the beginning as I did not commit enough time to it originally! Since you already have automatic checkpoints, I wonder if it could be done without too much effort.

Either way, I'll definitely look forward to more from you in the future.



The game doesn't have any save options, so you didn't miss it. Also we do not plan to add new features (we consider the game finished, as it is a student project and the course already finished). Sorry for the inconvenience of having you repeat the same sections of the game, but the game should be very short when you know how to pass through the puzzles.