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So, I'll warn you right off the bat, this is not a positive video overall. That being said, I did my best to give some constructive feedback and point out the things that pulled me out of this game. The visuals and level design are about all this game has going for it, the environment is absolutely gorgeous and has an astonishing level of detail. But the audio design is extremely minimal, the voice acting is nearly inaudible, the progression through the area feels like the game doesn't trust me enough to explore on my own, and the player character attempts to direct the player far too often. The shifting level design makes the game far too linear and kills any sense of mystery or exploration and some of the attempts to be scary ended up falling flat, even seeming like a joke at some points. I really hate to be so negative about games, but, if anything, I hope the feedback is valuable to you.

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Sorry you didn’t enjoy Madhouse! Unfortunately because this is a student project we had certain requirements and time constraints. There’s much more we wish we could’ve done with the project. Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into consideration!