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Alright, you can download a custom build here:

Go ahead and place the EXE in your existing PixelCNC folder and run it instead of the existing "PixelCNC Trial.exe" file.

There's no guarantee that it will solve the problem but I made some changes that might fix the issue you're seeing. I also included some extra information output to the log file during startup that might help narrow things down, worst-case scenario, so if you're still seeing the INVALID OPERATION in the log file (or the console, just press the tilde '~' key to see the log output while in PixelCNC) then go ahead and pastebin the log file it produced so I can take another look.


EDIT: I did some more digging and I think that this will solve the issue you were seeing! There's an issue with Intel's shader compiler that prevents it from supporting a certain math operation and the custom build above removes it.

EDIT2: If everything works for you as intended I'll get a public v1.47a hotfix update out today.