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1. Did believing you could play this only once impact how you made decisions? 

Not really. Usually when I play any kind of interactive fiction, I am playing for the most optimistic ending. If I get the happiest ending, usually, I don't feel any urge to replay it. I just like being happy. ^^;; So since thisVN was tinged with a bit of sadness, I tried my best. No regrets!

2. What do SAL and Ash look like in your mind? Did you mentally assign a gender to either or both characters?

SAL didn't have a gender in my mind. I imagined the robot as a computer with a keyboard... it took me a second to realize that Ash was talking out loud (when he was replying in seconds) but all in all I thought of was a computer with Ash typing into it. I did imagine Ash as a boy, though.

3. What choices did you make? How did your game end?

I chose logical responses and didn't sugarcoat anything. So I started outright with "we need to talk." At the end, I choose for SAL to be unsure of where their relationship would end. I guess I figured, SAL is making logical assessments, but emotions, while sometimes logical, aren't generally linear (like there's no A+B=C) so it ended with SAL and Ash still together while SAL pondered their future.

4. What did you like and dislike about this game?

I liked the music a lot. There wasn't anything I really disliked.

5. How did this game make you feel?

Bittersweet! ^^;; But that's because I'm an optimistic person and love romance a lot. Actually though, the more I think about SAL (actually, the more I wrote answer 7) the more sweet I feel about it. I liked it a lot.

6. Do you want to see these characters again? What would you want to see in a follow-up?

Hm... I don't really have any ideas for that... I guess I would like to see how other react, especially if SAL is not the only robot of their kind.

7. What predictions do you have for SAL and Ash's relationship? Where do you see it going?

Ash... I feel like it's possible that they'd have a future. Because even if SAL can't "love" Ash, its clear that at the very least, SAL is concerned or cares about Ash--otherwise, I think collecting data would take priority over Ash's feelings. Additionally,  SAL cared about disappointing Ash and didn't want to hurt Ash's feelings... so I believe SAL cares about Ash and that that would be enough. It helps that SAL didn't reject Ash immediately as well... I feel like caring about a person can be enough if the other person is satisfied, which Ash does seem to be.

8. Any other things you want to mention?

This was great! I'm glad I played it.

Thanks for playing!  I'm glad you liked it. :)