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Ahh that may be it. I customized the hitboxes of the monsters so you can try to position the mouse near the "shields" icon and see if that works. I'll try to polish the escape visuals later on!


That could explain that.

I don't know if you accidently left it in but I was clicking around the Academy Entrance and I saw a prompt about a Developer's Room when I clicked on the bush with the pink flowers. I guess when you released 0.7.5, you might have forgot to disable the Event when the update was released. I tried it on 0.6 and 0.7.2 and no prompt appeared.

Oh gosh I forgot to disable it during bug testing. Will fix it in the next patch. XD

I discourage players from messing with the developer room because it WILL ruin your save files with unintended bugs. :))