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Well, there are 248 different palettes there. I think it is a huge list since it is really hard to count them all...

(1 edit) (+1) has thousands of palettes!!!! (okay that all of them has 5 colours or less! :D ) (you can access them even randomly, from )

This list of yours is really cool! Thanks for sharing!

Also, this thread - actually, your link - made me think about this enhancement: I hope it gets approved and worked on.

thanks, and you mentioned a good observation as well, but i’d see it from another perspective, like keeping the 16 colours, and having, for example, like the 5 colours (0x00 to 0x04) from somewhere from colourlovers as first colours kept intact, and the colours 0x05 to 0x0F as a mix from these first colours, as randomly or sequentially mixed - i think that routines that could do that aren’t that difficult to code (i coded something like for sdlBasic or Python-Pygame around 10 years ago, that i have no idea where i have it! :D )

btw, another great source of colours sometimes arranged as palettes is, i guess you might enjoy a lot spending some time around there as well

and please don’t get me wrongly, lospec is really a very valuable palette resource information, and it’s a pleasure for me the eventuality of helping them anyhow! :)