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And one more thing how to update my game to latest version ,I am using v1.0.9 currently.And I know that v1.1.1 is out.

Hello Akash. Where did you purchase the game? Our and Steam versions both have the latest builds, and your 1.0.9 is rather old. 

Regarding your texture problem, we're thinking its a problem with your graphics card, that's why we're asking what you're using; the game is working fine for almost all other players. >.<

so any solution to fix this problem,rather to buy other system or graphic card.And how to update.

Anyways the game is very good and I love the game play.Thanks.

Hi Akash. We're not sure at the moment how we can help you with the texture problem as it's not happening on our end, plus we don't have enough information, so we can't debug it and check what's wrong. For now, our best guess is your graphis card might be a bit old and can't process the textures properly. 

As for the update, where did you buy the game? If you bought it here on, you should have v1.1.1 automatically. If you buy it on Steam, it should also automatically update to the newest version.

Well if the problem is in my graphic card so what alternate softwares can i use to make the complete textures.And i will try what i can do to update it.And thanks for the reply.

And here how the textures appearing