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Ok, this is either a review or a bug report.  First run-through, mostly playing by the seat of my pants.  Just finished the third Sword training session, I think 4th or 5th day.  First Guard (the redhead one) shows up, tells Sword Lady to run off to the library.  Sword Lady leaves.  Redhead guard chews me out for not taking things seriously, and then murderizes me into a wall.  Game over, roll credits.  On the one hand, I'm quite frankly shocked my useless human-disaster ass survived that long.  On the other hand, I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature (given that the Big Hotshot Wizard had a scheduling conflict between a wet tunic contest and something called The Final Battle, and decided to send an untrained farm boy to deal with the latter, I imagine there's plenty of dying involved).  Looking back, it might be related to the healing potion-related quest I accepted from the redhead guard (I think) a day or two before that.  

TLDR: Loving the game so far, excited for the final version, feel like I should know whether the murderously disciplinary redhead is a bug or a feature (if only so I know what I'm laughing at).  

Hey Daring Steel! Don't worry you're not the only Apprentice she's gotten =P
You have to do an Urgent Job by Friday afternoon or the First Guard will kick you out for being a Faulty Apprentice XD

Glad you are enjoying the game so far! Demo has 3 endings and 1 bad (not including game overs). Ends when you see "To be continued..."

Thanks for playing!
- din