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Thank you so much for your thoughtful response, and the interaction here, it has been good stuff.

I think you are totally right about section 1-J-4, in fact I think Valve might operate that way? So yes, absolutely, large companies can be structured in other ways that are much more flat and share ownership/responsibility/risk/profit more uniformly and would perfectly fit the descriptors in this license. My (small) point was that it seems like small, for-profit, more traditionally structured, "capitalist" companies might also be able to fit the descriptors, and I think that's still in the spirit of the license which also wants to allow individuals benefit from the product.

 I completely misunderstood the "directionality" of the license, and so that was really helpful for me to understand that! Thanks for taking the time to explain that. I did not mean to sound hostile, but I think that makes it double cool that you chose to interact anyways about it.

And thanks so much for the warning about researching. It seems like an important thing to understand, and I think it's important to really understand even the most horrible things, in order to best know how to combat them. But, and especially these days when it is easy to fall into depression, I was truly touched that a stranger would seek to keep me from something even as small as sadness. So thanks for that too :)

I too, sincerely, hope you have a good day!