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Hey, i used this awesome tileset on my game for a college assignment! It`s written in Racket so it`s ok if you doesn`t play it, but if you do let me know what you think!

Thanks  :D

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Hi! Nice little game! 

My Lisp is almost as rusty as my Portugese (don't worry, the comments were still useful to me thanks to the powers of automatic translation! :D), but I wonder if you could consider doing something similar to:

; somewhere at the top
(define direction 0)
; then in the timer
(set! char-pos (pos (+ (pos-x char-pos) (* direction 10)) (pos-y char-pos)))
; then in the frame code (instead of using move-esq and move-dir)
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'left) (set! direction -1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'right) (set! direction 1)]
[(eq? (send key-event get-key-code) 'release) (set! direction 0)]

This way the character movement is a bit nicer, don't you think? Lisp is weird, but in a good way I guess. Thanks for introducing me to Racket, looks interesting.

I hope you'll get a good mark as well as you'll add more content to the game (I've seen you're planning on adding fire and ice enemies) :)

OMG, thanks for that nice reply! I'll try to implement your idea ASAP. In the beginning i hated racket but it kinda grew on me, won't use for any other bigger project i think... My presentation will be on thursday, i'm planning on adding some more content to the game before it :)

Thanks again for the interest and for the suggestion, i didn't expect it and it made my day 100% better *-*

I know what you mean exactly. We're even! :)

Hey i updated the project on github! I've implemented your suggestion and it improved the game a lot, thanks! The update also brings new game features such as potions :)