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Thank you for the lovely comment! It was written more as a deconstruction of otome and playing with its common tropes :D

Makes sense. There was this disturbing lull of getting you to lower your guard and just completely give yourself up and/or trust this attractive being. DotD also was a good game with a theme and a moral. Having 3 very different LIs broadened the lens and aspects of the overall theme.

And yeah we were! It's so nice to hear you read Days of the Divine too! It's still on our list to re-release in the new enging and I'll upload it here once we finish that.

Ohh, that sounds great. Right now the only way to download DotD is through your Lemmasoft forum thread. If you post it on and give it the appropriate tags I think many more newcomers to this type of genre or format will be able to find it.