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Hi there, I played your game. Here's my review:

What got me interested:

-> it's Aladdin themed! (Love me some fairytales)

What I liked when I played:
-> The mazes itself
-> I liked that gold and skeletons lighted up. It made going through the mazes a bit easier.

What I didn't like:
-> Starting on a "world map". The map just made little sense to me, I
assume you picked that because you don't have a large piramid tile?
-> The slow walking speed when you reached a certain amount of
money... This was definitely a deal breaker for me. I had collected up
to 1500 golds, so I was "dashing" at a snails' pace. I just threw away
all my money and any of the money that I collected afterwards.
-> No shutdown option anywhere.
-> The music started annoying me after a while.

Did I complete it?:
No, I couldn't find the key to unlock the doors. I was able to bypass
most of them until I got to the final room. At this point, I had played
for 12 minutes.

Other things the developer needs to know:
-> No music after I hit New Game (on the world map)
-> It would be nice if the maps kinda showed where the key is. Or if
there were some actual hints as to where I could find it.

If you ever change some of my grievances (that hard to find key, the slow speed etc.), I'll definitely try again.