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this is a masterpiece! not a game, but a piece of art, really! two things seem a bit strange to me though... first: the sniper's position is in the part of the airport that was controlled by ukrainian forces (it's easily recognisable to anyone who follows the conflict),  and second: the airport was in a ukrainian city, but the narrator speaks russian, the names of killed are given in russian phonetics etc. hence my question: do you have plans to also make games on all the other local wars started or  by the russian federation against those nations on those nations' territories: syria (2015), georgia (2008), chechnya (1999, 1994), moldova (1992)?

We have indeed plans to extend this idea to different places and other war zones, but this will go way beyond this region: Syria, Bosnia, Afghanistan, WW2, the Thirty Years War and possibly also speculations about the wars of the future. We will also not stick to the current mechanics, but device new "narrational" mechanics to the stories of the fallen.