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Thanks for your answer. Is there a switch Version available? We could have a 8 Player Mode easy. I buy the first game for my computer now but would also like to have it on the switch.

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It's not on switch, only on PC/XboxOne.
I don't know the switch well. How does 8 player game works? LAN, Web, splitscreen?
Honnestly, I'd love to see a 24 player game!

It would work like the 4 Player Mode on xbox but you have 8 controllers (normally 4 but you can split the joycon) There are already games with 8 Player mode on switch like runbow). Can't help you with switch porting but I think there would be a market for your game. It's perfect for Couch coop and Single screen mp with 8 Player would be amazing. 

You're good at convincing people ;)
I'll gather information to see if it's possible to put it on switch

I am a big fan of indie games with new game mechanics. Also I like Couch coop. So I would always like to see these kind of games for a bigger audience. The Xbox Indie programm was a nice way to explorer new games. Switch seems to be a great console for your game. It is polished and Haß a great mechanics and 8 Player mode is rare on switch. 

Yes, I think Lk2 can fit well on SWITCH (better than on XboxOne or on Steam)
After some research, It should be possible code wise.
So I'm starting the process to become a Switch dev.
If they accept, I will put LK2 on Switch! (not sure for Pioneerz)

Now, wait and see!
(I already can make game for WiiU or 3DS, but I'm not really interrested for now)

Nintenndo answered me really quickly, buit it's a no.

What? There is so much bullshit on the plattform and they don`t want to release a gem like this? WTF? Did they say what the problem is?

No detail, they never explain. I've heard that they only accept game that are already vastly succesful on other plateform or editor that already have the Nintendo License. So a solo dev with no games with more than 10.000 sales...