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No detail, they never explain. I've heard that they only accept game that are already vastly succesful on other plateform or editor that already have the Nintendo License. So a solo dev with no games with more than 10.000 sales...

Nintenndo answered me really quickly, buit it's a no.

Yes, I think Lk2 can fit well on SWITCH (better than on XboxOne or on Steam)
After some research, It should be possible code wise.
So I'm starting the process to become a Switch dev.
If they accept, I will put LK2 on Switch! (not sure for Pioneerz)

Now, wait and see!
(I already can make game for WiiU or 3DS, but I'm not really interrested for now)

The demo is working fine for me. I do'nt understand what's going on.
Maybe it will work this time?

As far as I remember, there is no max player on LAN play.
But I've never test more than 4 players.

You're good at convincing people ;)
I'll gather information to see if it's possible to put it on switch

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It's not on switch, only on PC/XboxOne.
I don't know the switch well. How does 8 player game works? LAN, Web, splitscreen?
Honnestly, I'd love to see a 24 player game!

LAN is nice for PC player, but most of my players are console players.
So in LK2, I replace it with splitscreen game (up to 4 player)

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Glad you like it!
I've spend some time adding both features today.

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I'll try to add controller selection in a later version (mouse / key/pad).
But not before long, I'm currently busy with other things.

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It seems I've hidden the files in the last upload, sorry.
It should be ok now!

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Unplayable if you have bad luck.
Even with only one bullet, I always take 2 shot in the five first shot...
So I can't even try the features of this game :$

I even manage to die in 3 shot...

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Great, if you can make an up and down animation, it will be perfect!
(I'm making an ARPG, so just left and right isn't good for me)