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Is this basically project automata? like is this the same game but this one is updated?

Yeah, Project Automata was the name before going into Alpha (when it was still pre-alpha and a prototype). Now we're in full production with a constant flow of updates

thanks, but do you have a list of system requirements?

Nothing official, but should run on pretty much anything. I sometimes test on my 6 years old i3 laptop and it works fine

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I play this game on my PC, Radeon HD 4600 from 2008 and the games works fine...though i have to play it on min graphic settings and the menu interface(new game/options/exit...) doesnt disappear then I click on "options". 

It's a decade-old computer, I'm afraid we can only do so much :(

:D no problem, i guess it's time to buy new hardware.