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Hey Kamau/Matt!
Man, I cannot believe these games are actually available again.
Back into the old days (maybe 2004/2005?) your games were the top trend, what every game creator wanted to do in all RPG Maker communities here in Brazil (like Maker Universe and others).
These games are super fun. I still remember Nastra and Rautzen duels, the really cool ninja (was it Griffith?), the very polite Kobold (Ossal, is it?)... Man, what a nostalgic feeling.

I am in the verge of coming back to RPG Maker and develop a game from scratch (even if it is just for myself) and I will definitely play LS Trilogy again so I can get some more inspiration.

Thanks for sharing again, this brings back so many memories.

Hey, sorry for the really slow response! I've been really busy working on my next game and I took a little longer to reply than I would've liked.

Thank you so much for the kind words, it means a lot to me. They were fun times making Legion Saga, and it's really humbling to hear how much of an impact my games had on so many people back then.

The ninja was called Shotan, but he was hired to assassinate Griffith in Legion Saga II so maybe that's where you got mixed up. 😉 And yeah Ossal was the kobold mage. Well remembered!

There seems to still be a vibrant community of RPG Maker users these days. I hope you manage to make something cool. 😁