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My son have been following this game for LONG time! He have been talking, talking and talking and  watching for release date, and when he did see December 1 he got sooooo happy! He has not sleep well the past week. And today when he get home from school, he is going to be very sad and upset.  What em I going  do now????  

Hello Tidus, I am a child that has been waiting for a year now, too and I am very, very dissapointed and sad but I will get over it and your son should too. Best of luck for you and your son!

Hi! Sorry to hear that! You can purchase and play the game through this site at the moment! The purchase includes a download (this is the full early access version that will be up on steam next week) for you to download and run now and also a steam key that will allow download of the game through steam next week. So if your son can cope with running the game without steam for a week you can purchase and play the game here now!