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1. Hello! I'm Li, though I use the online moniker Altedi. I'm a recent college grad starting a career in graphic design who's also looking to dip their hands into web design and game development. Preferred pronouns are they/them/theirs.

2. Nope, didn't participate. I didn't know about it. I've always wanted to try and make my own game, though.

3. I'm a lifelong fan of the Pokemon games; I watched the anime when it first aired in the US, and five years later finally convinced my mom to let me get a GBA and Sapphire. Aside from that, I'm rather fond of The World Ends with You and Undertale, as well as the Zero Escape series. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories really made an impression on me as a kid, and I do enjoy Bravely Default (repetition aside).

4. A little! I went to a week-long game development bootcamp seven years ago haha. We used Unity.

5. I really enjoy art and graphic design, and am constantly looking for ways to improve. I'm also rather fond of reading fantasy/scifi novels.