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The default window size the downloadable version of the game opened in is really small (640 by 400) and it's very hard to see anything.  So I played it online instead, which was much better, though I realized later I could enlarge the window by dragging its sides (which some game windows don't let you do).

(The online link for the game it not correct, btw; the period at the end leads to a 404 page.)

The music can get really repetitive really fast.  I wish there was a mute button in-game.  Especially because I was "Waiting for a connection" for a REALLY long time.  I ended up opening the browser version and the web version and just waiting for one to load faster than the other.

After ~25 minutes, neither loaded.  I don't really know why, but this game will not connect.  I won't rate it out of fairness.  I know there's a game here from the screenshots, and I'm interested in playing it.

Hey Naomi!

Sorry to hear this! I had to restart the server but apparently PM2 silently did not launch the process for this, and I apparently left the game off.

It's back up now. :)