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It's quite easy to see why this game doesn't have many ratings: it can't really be played.  Any attempt to open anything in both .zip files (after extracting the contents, of course) gave me this popup message:

Still, I was determined to play your game and give you a fair assessment.  So I downloaded Monogame, opened the file from there, and tried to somehow play it (thought there might be a "test play" button in the program).  Didn't work.

BUT while I did that, I dug around the Tumbleweed folder a bit, and found the Tumbleweed application.  For future players of this game, it's located here (I opened this on Windows): [folder where you downloaded the game]TumbleWeed\TumbleWeed\TumbleWeed\obj\x86\Debug .

But the application wouldn't open.  It would act like it was loading, but nothing would come up.

Hmm. . .

I tried moving it outside the Debug folder into other folders--no  luck.  Tried moving it into the XKCD Tumbleweed Game folder, putting it in various places there--nothing.

I've tried to open this game for ~30 minutes.  Here is where I give up,

I won't rate it out of fairness, of course.  Please do better next time at exporting your game.  It looks like a cool interpretation of the original comic.  But that unfortunately doesn't mean much when it can't be played.