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Hi Robert,

     How do i use these. When I download them I get one single PNG how do I make them all seperate?

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Ps: If You Already Or Can Send Me The Files Using My Email!

Hi there!

I don't have those but there are some things you can do (assuming those particular engines because you mentioned them somewhere else): 

- In Unity you can use "Grid by Cell Size" ( That would require some manual adjustment for big enemies, weapons and knights.

- No much experience with GameMaker but seams like "Load a strip image" option might be what you need.

- If really needed you can extract elements yourself using something like (upload -> split image -> 16x16, png -> split image).  You can automatically extract knights and most of the weapons by splitting 16x8, but you will still have to deal with bigger enemies manually (there are only 3 of them though).

Good luck :)

its okay ( Talking About Bigger Enemies ). Game maker studio comes with a easy to use level designer and resizing tool in both the sprite editor and the level designer.