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Haha, that's ok. Of course I had to make it necessary to complete the tutorial, because if you couldn't do that and started playing the actual game, it'd be a disaster. So I figured It'd be best to practice them first in a place you can't die.

You know it's not that hard for me, but that just goes to show what happens when you don't have playtesters or get feedback during development... You end up making a game only you can play. The funny thing is I kept making some levels harder, because I thought they were too easy... Depending on what feedback I get, I might also tweak some levels in PrincessCasual.exe to make it all around easier.

Anyway, let me know if it's better for you now with the casual controls.

Actually, ironically, casual mode made it so the first high jump was impossible.  Tap or hold, you only did a short hop into the air like as if you didn't charge a jump in normal.

In all honesty, I just couldn't get a sense of timing for your charge meter for bouncing, if you press it too early you barely jump, but press it too late and it resets so you still barely jump.

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You have to charge the jump meter with the mouse in casual mode. Check the description for more in depth instructions and if it still doesn't work, I'll check it out.

By the way, here are some pointers to help with the timing and jumping in general in normal mode.

When you're trying to bounce, you usually need to get the most out of your jump, so it's usually best to press and hold the jump button again immediately after you jump. If you do that, even the shortest (as in least high) jump you can perform gives you enough time to fully charge the next jump.

As for the timing, if you've noticed, when you hit the ground there's a small landing animation. As long as this animation is playing the jump meter does not reset. That's when you must release the jump button to get the timing right.