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That shouldn't happen. If you see it again, could you send me a screenshot? 

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Here it is, I included the choice selection screen just incase that helps you figure out what's causing it:

This isn't the first time this error appeared during this game, I wasn't quick enough to capture it though. Also the errors seem to appear more whenever choices come up, but they also do appear throughout gameplay, I'll try get more screenshots.

It may be worth saying that I am playing on an incognito browser, so that could possibly be interfering with the game? If you want me to I can try to test what happens if I play on a normal browser?

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I was able to replicate the error by opening the game up in an incognito browser. I believe it occurs whenever the game tries to save (it autosaves at choices) using cookies.

The issue should disappear when running in a normal browser.

Ah, ok. Sorry if I caused any panic.