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Doesn't allow you to checkmate - I was in a position to checkmate him on the fourth move, but it didn't let me and only let me move in other directions.

Are you sure that is the case jxvn? The move generation algorithm does not take into account wether or not the move results in a checkmate until the move is made. Could it be that there was a discovered check pinning your attacking piece? In any case I will take a look at the code right now.

The board looked like this (I reconstructed the position using a virtual chess board)

I wanted to move Queen to F7, but it wouldn't let me - the only highlighted square was G3.

If the picture in my reply doesn't show up, here:

1| Ro    Bi Qu Ki Bi    Ro
2| Pa Pa Pa Pa Kn Pa Pa Pa
3|       Kn
4|             Pa
5|       Bi    Pa
6|                Qu
7| Pa Pa Pa Pa    Pa Pa Pa
8| Ro Kn Bi    Ki    Kn Ro
   A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H

(Bold is black, Italic is White)

Thank you for posting this. I will run this position in my chess engine to see if it is a problem with the engine or with the code I wrote to interact my engine in this game. I am guessing it is the later.