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Hello! This is a terrific tileset that I use in my game for GitHub GameJam! You can evaluate the example level here: 

The fact that stops me before the alpha release is music! I will be happy with any help! Any music! :)

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This is amazing, I love it!

As for music and sounds I cannot offer anything concrete but you can take a look at - you should find something decent there.

Good luck! You still have a couple of days :)

Hey, Not sure if you're using unity, but if so, how did you create the light effects on the bulbs and the checkpoint? Thanks

In Unity you need to create: New > Material, then choose Sprites/Difuse, set the color to pure black and add it to every single object to make it hide when no light is over it. Then, you need to add a source of light to your hero. Check this out:
There is a hidden area to the left, destroy the boxes to get access. There, you will find a tower, inside this tower every object has this material.

I'm sorry I could not answer earlier.
I'm using MonoGame. The effect is achieved with shaders. I think they can be applied in Unity ...