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The vibe of this game is fantastic! I love the simplistic but consistent look of the visuals... the mood and atmosphere overall is so great!! :D 

The flying of the bird looks amazing! My fav is the landing. The way it auto-targets branches, and flaps as it hovers to a land. All feels so great. It was fun to just fly around and explore.

One tweak might be following the bird's 'root' position while on the ground, (instead of body joint). To eliminate some of the camera up/down when moving on the ground. Flying didn't bug me though. The flight anim looks so great... makes me wish he had a little more animation while bouncing around on the ground. (Even if super simple, legs hopping, slight tail/wing motion, etc). But honestly, didn't bring the experience down, just would've made it that much better. Really cool stuff. :) Loved it.

Thanks! I'm glad you like the style, consistency is something I think is extremely important in games. And the landing was the thing that took the longest to achieve, even though I'm proud of what I managed to achieve in the time limit I still want to completely remake it... 

My brother pointed out what you found with the hopping animation before but it's not a super easy fix unfortunately and I wasn't able to get it into the game. I think what the camera needs to do is trace the height of the ground while in hopping mode. I'm still working on an update though, it's just taking a long time but hopefully this change will make it in. 

And I'l note what you said about hopping, I was just hoping people wouldn't notice :P