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Pretty neat. I like the atmosphere and the controls and such seem good.

I know you aren't planning on further development so I won't go too far into it but I did get one major bug (or i didn't understand what was happening).

If I died during during the "gauntlet" of enemies along the bottom of the map, it would take me to a save point I had never been to. Actually I had never found a save point which maybe is the problem.

I didn't get very far but I did make a video:

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Thank you so much for for playing Descent. 

What you have discovered is not a bug, but is intentional. That gauntlet area is intended to serve as the player's first death. They will then need to explore, discover items and acquire upgrades, eventually returning to the gauntlet and overcoming it with a more powerful character. 

Thank you for taking an interest and for making a video! I really appreciate it.