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1. I'm Valerie! I'm a beginning game developer and founder of Astral Flux LLC.

2. I didn't participate in the last jam because I was busy with other games! I'm joining this one because it sounds really fun, and also because I want to learn how to use Unity better.

3. Oh man, I have so many favorite games… I generally love RPGs, and games with really colorful, fun-to-explore worlds. Some of my favorite games are Mother 3, TLoZ: Wind Waker, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Spelunky, and Super Mario World. There are a ton of games that have inspired me… too many to list here!

4. I took an awesome class for game development, and I've made a couple of small games with XNA and GameMaker. This'll be my first game made with Unity, though.

5. I really love video games, obviously, and especially making them. Comics and astronomy are really cool too!