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I gotta say. That was pretty friggin sweet. Like first, this is probably one of the better representations of a bow I've seen. Arrow speed's just right, you draw quickly, you don't move like a slug, and the sound effects! That kind of hollow scrape when you draw the bow? Exquisite. The twang does a good job or representing the kind of strength bows deliver, so satisfying, every shot just feels great, made even better when you're practically flying with each jump. If I had one complaint, I wish I could've changed aiming sensitivity... But hey, that's a moot point, that would've been added later, so yeah. 9/10, pretty good for a demo, and just, pretty damn good overall!

I am so sorry to hear the game didn't get funded, and honestly, as broke and hungry as I am, if I knew about this game sooner, I would have saved up some money to help fund it. Seriously though, great stuff.