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I gotta say. That was pretty friggin sweet. Like first, this is probably one of the better representations of a bow I've seen. Arrow speed's just right, you draw quickly, you don't move like a slug, and the sound effects! That kind of hollow scrape when you draw the bow? Exquisite. The twang does a good job or representing the kind of strength bows deliver, so satisfying, every shot just feels great, made even better when you're practically flying with each jump. If I had one complaint, I wish I could've changed aiming sensitivity... But hey, that's a moot point, that would've been added later, so yeah. 9/10, pretty good for a demo, and just, pretty damn good overall!

I am so sorry to hear the game didn't get funded, and honestly, as broke and hungry as I am, if I knew about this game sooner, I would have saved up some money to help fund it. Seriously though, great stuff. 

I forgot to mention on the form. I love the way you place objects in this game.

Also, the game lags alot for me, tends to be when I'm around alot of water

Pretty fun! But having esc restart got annoying for me, so used to closing menus with esc. But that's neither here nor there, hope this gets expanded.

Pretty sweet so far! More!