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hi there! OMG okay it's the first time I do something like this 

I'm a gameplay youtuber and I specially love supportting projects and furry. So I'm going to do a gameplay of this game after I finish Nekojishi and I was wondering if you would like me to put some page you could have or something for giving you the best support for your project ^^

I didn'te play it yet, but your art is amazing and I can't wait for the story!

Really my Best wishes for you we need more things like this in the furry community.

Farewell ^^

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Hey there! Thank you so much, I love watching gameplays!

If you would like to support me, please add a link to my patreon and my twitter account in the video or video description.

Hope you'll like it! And just one last recommendation — play with voices on, I'm more proud about the voice acting than the art <3

Thanks again!