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No sorry, but, correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I know it is going to be steam-only. And I think I know why, cause it's a little bit harder to crack the game otherwise. Then if just you buys it, you can give the download link to a friend and he has it aswell for free, which is not possible if it's steam only. Plus else the people on can just send the link/the files without actually having to crack the game, so just to make it a bit (not much but every little bit helps) harder to copy it.


If I buy a game I expect to have access to it forever, not for as long as an account or someone else's servers are active. Steam and other DRM services do nothing to stop piracy and being satisfied with my product does not come second to anti-theft measures. Attitudes like yours are what has caused DRM to become such a (rightfully named) stigma to the PC gaming landscape. You are not the developer, not the one I'm asking and nobody had you to come and try to convince me to not even ask my question. Please do not reply again.

Hi there. As far as I know, initially the game will be published on Steam only, later on Xbox One and PS4 and possibly other stores/platforms. All the porting and distribution is taken care by our publisher - Curve Digital.

If you're not statisfied with my reply which is the truth, you shouldn't be mad at me. I mean have you ever seen a game that's been published on Steam and also on another site? And the developer asked me to do this, so I am asked to answer this question


"have you ever seen a game that's been published on Steam and also on another site?"

All the time? Humble store, GOG and even this very website, which by itself has Brigador, Nuclear Throne, Snakebird, Captain Forever Remix, Sky Rogue and hundreds if not thousands of others which are all also on steam. In fact, many games on the humble store have both direct downloads and steam keys available. Look it up sometime.

Humble Bundle just gives you steam keys for a cheaper price, it's not his own publisher


Steam is not a publisher either. Steam is just the store, just like humble, gog and itch. As I JUST said in my previous reply, many games on the humble store have BOTH DIRECT DOWNLOADS, AND, steam keys available.

You know, it isn't going to happen, if you're going to scream, or you gonna leave a bad review, whatever you do. I'll just end the discussion here. Good day.


What isn't going to happen, you writing a reply that makes sense? If you're going to call my comments "screaming" while giving false and completely un-researched information yourself you hardly have the right to act like I'm the one being childish.