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This is a very cute game! Great choice with the sound effects and music.

Two nit-picky things:

  1. It'd be cool if the bird titled up or down with your mouse as you're flying, to make it seem more "real" (for a cartoon, at least).
  2. The landing feels really finicky, especially with all of the hopping as the bird lands.

It's quite pleasing and relaxing though :) Great job!

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Thanks, I'll be sure to let my brother know you liked the music! 

Originally the bird did tilt up and down but there was a problem with it vibrating when it came to land so I had to take it out. I didn't have enough time to fix it before but I'll give it another go some time this week. Also the navigation system for landing is really janky for many reasons. I'm going to continue working on that though, probably cutting momentum when the bird lands would go a long way towards helping with landing... hmm.

Progress on flying towards mouse: 

This is approximately what I had before I removed it. What do you think, maybe just improve the way it looks when landing and a few other edge cases (so it doesn't keep face planting)?

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It's certainly better than a flat bird. I think it would look far less abnormal without the skidding, but I'm sure you know that. When I imagined it, I thought of just slight tilting up and down in the direction of flight, but what you have looks good too.

EDIT: I just played it, and I saw that you updated both things. It's much better now :) The only other thing I could think of is to add a few random wing flaps when gliding, as right now the bird just seems flat when doing so.