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Thanks for the rating :) I'll be sure to keep an eye out for the review vid.

Yeah, I had waayyy bigger ambitions for this game than I ended up being able to fulfill. Between working on getting my car running, longstanding weekend commitments, one friend having a 21st and another having a "I'm going inter-state and you probably won't hear much from me in that time so let's get everyone together for a party before I go", and a job coming up like the weekend before the jam, I ended up getting like 5 or 6 hours of work done in total.

(And now for my own shameless plug :P)

I do intend to continue working on the game though to try and realise some of those ambitions and ideas. Progress will be posted on my blog at, where I tried to make posts on stay on top of the jam but between only a little progress and general busy-ness, there was not much to write about and even that was delayed. If you are interested in reviewing it and its design when I have a more complete game I would be happy to get in touch and get it to you.

cool followed looking to see what you can make!


Well, probably not much actual progress in the next couple weeks as I have some friends from university stealing me away form my computer to Japan :P (long response time due to preparing for the trip)

Though I probably will spend some downtime, either there or on the flights or maybe both with a pen and notepad and noodle with some ideas, mechanics and maybe designs.

My XKCD game jam analysis is out!