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Based on your descriptions your internet sounds to be about the same speed as mine. Yes, you will have to be patient with downloads as maps take up a lot of room, the new campaign has 29 missions and each uses a unique map.

Anyways point being my slow internet isn't much of a bottleneck when actually playing, ZK is pretty bandwidth efficient and doesn't require fast ping.  Assuming you have a nice GPU (amd or nvidia) and you can wait for all the content you should be able to play fine.


Hey Moose,

Thanks for your reply, I use hughesnet and we get a small amount per 1 month so its hard to download large files, speed isn't an issue.

I got the game downloaded and its SUPER fun 10/10, I didn't declare the game unplayable I said I cant play it lol. Thank you for your reply it is very informative.

My rating for this game: 10/10 I cant stop playing it. So fun, just now learning how to properly terraform!


Glad to hear your enjoying it, terraform is fun but can get expensive in metal real quick for big projects. It's good for protecting explosive structures. You can ctrl+shift+click one of your buildings (like geothermals) to terraform a wall around it.