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Wow, that was pretty awesome. It's quite hard to critize however, so I'm just gonna list a few good/bad things.

The graphics were really nice. I know it's just xkcd-style, but it looked very pretty. The mood and ambience was really good. 

I loved the music as its own entity, but I did feel like it was just a bit out of place in the game. 

The simplistic controls were very fitting (more complexity wouldn't have worked), buut it did feel just a tad too slow and linear. Also I think it would work better if the barrel moved by itself after the whirlpool, but that's just my opinion.

It's really cool that you made a "deep" and more meaningful game, when it's so easy to just make something funny or action-packed. I hope you do more of that :).

TLDR: Overall I really liked the game and can definitely recommend it (it only takes a couple minutes for gods sake!)

Thank you so much for playing and for the feedback. I'm looking forward what other will say about the music, I think it's very individual but for me it fitted that slow mood I was aiming for :)