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Hey Devs,

I played the first 3 levels and I have to say what a great game. The graphics are superb, the controls are excellent and it's a pretty well polished all round gem of a game. I loved the main character and the level of detail on every object was just well awesome.

Here's a video a did. It's not my best because I'm a tad unwell at the moment but it didn't stop me from enjoying a damn good game.

Well done Devs


Hey wobblyfootgamer,

Thanks so much for playing and thanks for the video too! It's great to hear that you enjoyed the game. 

The thanks go to you and the DEV team, great game and as always, i'm sharing across my social networks including metacafe, dailymotion, and the rest. I really want to help you guys get noticed and a donation is forth comming.